Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Route:

It’s amazing the things you can figure out how to do when you’re inspired. 
(Like how to make rudimentary animations with sound effects using powerpoint and convert it from ppt to swf to avi and then upload it to youtube, grab the html and embed it in your blog--when two days ago these acronyms meant virtually nothing to you.)

Somebody leagues ahead of me in their coding knowledge should invent an Indiana Jones map generator application (once more, please consider your muse).

My itinerary for the next four weeks by dates:

July 12th- July 15th—Chicago

July 16-17th—Cleveland

July 18- 20th-—Pittsburgh

July 21- 24th—Philly

July 25th- 30th—Boston

July 30th- August 5th—NYC

August 6th- 7th—Pittsburgh

August 7th- 8th—Columbus, Ohio

August 9th—Chicago

August 10th—Back in Iowa City!

My plans:
A mix of theater related activities, exploring each city, tons of coffee dates (I will be extremely wired), adventures in couch-surfing, being shockingly productive on busses, hanging out with friends and reveling in life.

Three days until the start of my trip!

 Iowa City highlight:
(Prairie Lights: An iconic Iowa City independent bookstore with excellent coffee at their upstairs Time's Cafe-- where I planned the Chicago part of my tour. It's also a haven for writers and has a podcast series called Live from Prairie Lights-- definitely worth checking out if you're into new writing. )
Also, thanks go out to Robert Nealan, the bicyclist referenced in my first entry, for being Megablog’s first official follower. Rob’s bike campaign "Ride for Humanity"  is also amazing and well worth checking out.

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